Trainer IOH Solutions Start Date 24 Jun 2024
Location Live Online
Language English
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22 July 2024

Course Overview

This Course has been delivered by OHTA approved training providers for over 10 years and reviewed by international experts on two occasions to ensure the information is accurate and current. The latest update was 2023.
The mention of any method, product, manufacturer or vendor as examples in this manual should not in any way be construed as either endorsement or recommendation of such by either OHTA, authors, contributors, or editors of this manual.

Learning Outcomes

Describe the general approach to occupational chemical health risk assessment, including the role of atmospheric monitoring;
Select appropriate equipment to measure specific airborne contaminants and devise a suitable sampling strategy;
Present the results in a form useful for health risk assessment purposes to enable management to comply with relevant legislation.

Course Content

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Note: any references made to standards and best practice documents are provided solely as guidance for candidates and may not represent the most current updates or publications.