The Occupational Hygiene Training Association is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to provide consistent, quality training on the core aspects of occupational hygiene (also known as industrial hygiene) and related health and safety topics. We are a global organization with approved trainers in both underserved and developed countries

The OHTA Team

OHTA is a global team of occupational hygiene (OH) volunteers, approved trainers,  and students of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in protecting the health and safety of workers from hazards in their jobs.   Joining us in our work are national OH associations and corporate sponsors all who share a passion to make a difference in the health of workers.    You can see the faces and hear the stories of OHTA team members below.

Ankit Sharma

How Kah Kuan

Debbie Dietrich

Teachers & students at the AIOH

Eric Randleman

Barry Grafeo

Workplace Health Without Borders

Richard Hirsh

Zack Mansdorf

Naadiya Mundy

Eduardo Shaw (English version)

Eduardo Shaw (Spanish version)

Why Was the OHTA Formed

Occupational injuries and illnesses continue to be a widespread international problem. Data from Lloyd and Gallup in 2019 indicated that there are 340 million occupational accidents and 160 million work-related illnesses each year. A significant contributor to this problem is the lack of adequately trained occupational hygienists to recognize, evaluate, and control workplace hazards. Based on this pressing need, OHTA was officially constituted in 2009 as an international training program and qualifications framework.

What are the Goals of OHTA?

The number one priority of OHTA is to make low-cost, world-class courses available to OH practitioners and students in underserved areas. But we also have OHTA trainers in developed countries. Our ultimate goal is to increase the number and competency of occupational hygienists throughout the world.

What Does OHTA Offer?

Training materials are developed and maintained by OHTA volunteer teams who are internationally recognized experts in their subject area. Student manuals can be downloaded for free once you create an account on the website at

Training courses are available from OHTA approved trainers who are typically OH consultants or national OH associations.

As part of our qualification framework, OHTA offers an ICertOHTA certificate in occupational hygiene to those students who have successfully completed exams for 6 of the OHTA500 series course. Exams are multiple-choice, open-book.