Corporate Sponsorship

OHTA operates on a not-for-profit basis. So, to continue our mission of improving workplace health and safety one course at a time, we need sponsors that provide much needed funds. In particular, we encourage corporations using OHTA training materials for their in-house programs and others who share our passion for worker health and safety to donate to OHTA as part of their corporate giving program.

The sponsorship funds received are used to support OHTA course development, the international training scheme, scholarships, and general administrative costs. Without generous donations from corporate sponsors, OHTA would simply not be able to continue to train the next generation of occupational health and safety advocates around the world.

In-kind donations from occupational hygiene and safety vendors are also valuable (including equipment loans for OHTA in-person courses). Finally, OHTA is especially grateful to national and international occupational health and safety associations such as AIHA and AIOH who provide a number of resources to help develop and sustain OHTA and its operation.

Individual Sponsorship

Occupational hygienists and others who share the passion for workplace health and safety are at the heart of what we do. With your generous donation to OHTA, you will share in our collective vision of healthy and safe workers worldwide.

Benefits of Sponsorship

OHTA will provide our Corporate Sponsors at the Champion Level the opportunity to have their logo, company description, and link to their website profiled on the sponsorship section of the website. In addition, sponsors can describe any support they offer to training providers and provide the email address of a contact. Sponsors may also offer practical support by supplying loaner equipment or other materials to OHTA Approved Training Providers (ATPs) for demonstrations to students during a course.

At various times throughout the year, OHTA will feature a Champion Level sponsor in the Global Link Newsletter which currently reaches thousands of occupational hygiene and safety professionals around the world through email distribution and shares. OHTA will also feature OHTA Champions in social media posts throughout the year. And as necessary, OHTA leadership will work with representatives from corporate giving programs to address their unique requests within OHTA guidelines.

Similarly, OHTA will recognize our Individual Sponsors featuring their name in the sponsorship section with thanks.

Sponsorship Arrangement

Sponsorship can be a donation of money, services, or equipment at a designated giving level for a defined period, normally one year or more. Note that the format and size for inclusion of text is defined by OHTA and content is restricted to a defined number of characters. OHTA reserves the right to reject promotional text for our website that may not align with the principles of OHTA, conflicts with current occupational hygiene and safety practices, or is defamatory or otherwise inappropriate.