OHTA treats its Approved OHTA Trainers and other stakeholders as valued partners in its mission to reduce workplace illnesses by developing occupational hygiene capability globally through the OHTA International Training and Qualifications Framework.

OHTA aims to support you in your delivery of OHTA courses through the provision of up-to-date, quality training materials and examinations. In addition to the publicly available module manuals, OHTA Trainers have password-protected access to the full package of training materials that are otherwise not generally available. This includes comprehensive slide packs, case studies, practical exercises, and other materials to enable you to run successful courses.

OHTA offers online multiple-choice examinations on the widely used and acclaimed open-source learning platform Moodle. Student details will be registered on the site permitting individual students to access relevant examinations once the fee has been reimbursed to OHTA. Results are moderated and OHTA will provide rapid results to students and you as their OHTA Trainers. Examination certificates are downloadable by the candidate on the personal portfolio page after logging in through our website.

The comprehensive OHTA course manuals cover all that students are required to understand and to serve as a future reference source.

OHTA needs to have access to information on both OHTA Trainers and students. Its terms of use and privacy policy sets out how OHTA uses and protects your personal information, including data from your use of its website.

Examinations relate to the content of the specific OHTA manual and are open book – allowing students access to the manual.

OHTA permits the use of your company’s/organization’s logo in its OHTA award certificates.

In accordance with its branding guidelines, OHTA permits you to use the OHTA Approved Trainer logo on advertisements, social media, and other promotional materials for OHTA modules that you run. The logo cannot be used in connection with any other courses or training.

OHTA will share with you the results of student feedback for the courses you run. As part of its process of continuous improvement, OHTA will work with you to understand whether changes are appropriate to either its teaching materials or your delivery.

OHTA commits to listen to your views and suggestions and to maintain the OHTA modules and examinations systems.

OHTA invites you to apply to join as a valued partner and become an OHTA Trainer.