How Do I Apply?

For new OHTA Trainers, please download the form below.

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For Current Approved Trainers please complete the form here to become an OHTA Trainer:

As part of this, OHTA makes the above commitments to you and asks for your commitment to the points below.

Your Commitment

Any OHTA course that you run will be under the direction of the Course Director named in your application.

You agree the Course Director will be a certified occupational hygienist with an IOHA National Accreditation Recognition ( NAR ) qualified occupational hygienist in good standing and will have overall responsibility for the quality of teaching and for verifying that each student has satisfactorily completed any practical exercises specified in the course program. (An occupational hygienist who has previously held a NAR qualification for at least 10 years and has voluntarily retired their certification may also be considered as a Course Director).

You will ensure each student has access to the relevant up to date OHTA course manual and will teach the content of that manual based on the recommended OHTA course program.

To ensure the quality of teaching and supervision of individual students, you agree to limit the numbers on each course to no more than 20 individuals.

You will ensure facilities for face-to-face teaching are suitable and comply with health and safety good practice and any relevant regulatory requirements.

You will book OHTA courses at and provide details of all candidates, including email address and the name to be used on the certificate, at least 14 days before the course starts.

You agree for each OHTA course you run, all students will be entered for the OHTA examination, and a fee of 100 GB Pounds paid in advance.

You have access to necessary equipment and resources to demonstrate the practical use of occupational hygiene equipment.

You will ensure all students complete the online feedback form on completion of each course.

You accept our Terms and Conditions for Approved OHTA Trainers below.

As part of the OHTA process of continuous improvement, you will provide feedback to OHTA if you identify any errors in our teaching materials and if you have any suggestions for improvement.