We welcome donations and sponsorships to contribute to the funding of the international training process and future developments.

How is OHTA funded?

OHTA is a not-for-profit organization registered as a UK charity (charity number 1168722) with charitable status as a 501(c)(3) EIN 83-2036073 in the United States. Much of the work of OHTA is done on a voluntary basis and this helps it keep its costs to a minimum. Operating costs are funded primarily by the examination fee which is set at 100 GB Pounds per candidate. Without this, OHTA cannot continue. OHTA also relies on corporate sponsors, national organizations, and individual supporters who share the aims of OHTA to provide funding for investments such as new course development and translations into multiple languages. We are very grateful to those who support OHTA through donations.

OHTA partners with many organizations to enable delivery of the International Training and Qualifications Framework. Some of these organizations are commercial providers and OHTA recognizes their need to have a sustainable business model and to charge for their services.

Run by volunteers, OHTA manuals and other course materials are authored and reviewed by subject matter experts from across the world who also offer their services free of charge.

OHTA requires a modest source of income to fund a contract to provide administrative services and support. Other main costs are related to the development and update of its website and IT support. Two main sources of income exist: donations and examination fees. OHTA is fortunate to receive donations from several organizations, IOHA national associations and individuals. However, its main income is from the examination fee; without this OHTA cannot continue.