OHTA, an organisation predominantly comprised of volunteers, relies on the commitment and support of many hardworking people.

We wish to thank all the volunteers who provided their valuable time and expertise to work on projects and to lead the organisation.


How to get involved

We would love your input! Here are some examples of ways you can get involved:

  • Critique the training materials available - we're always looking to improve them
  • Provide feedback on courses and training providers - let us know what went well and what needs improving
  • Translate, or verify the translation of, training materials - help us make the training scheme more accessible
  • Make use of your publicity skills - from news items and articles to social media and the website

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Editorial Review & Development

There are many volunteers supporting English language module review and development projects. Each project requires a team of people to conduct the review, and in many cases, training providers have also taken the time to provide written feedback.

We are enormously grateful to everyone who is working on these projects, and to those who have volunteered previously to work on projects.

OHTA201- Basic Principles
Dr Kerrie Burton (lead) - Dr Brian Davies AM - John Dobbie - Jen Hines - Terry McDonald/ recent feedback from John Henderson.

OHTA501- Measurement of Hazardous Substances
Michael Connor (lead) - Mike Slater - Dr Edward Zellers - Dr Mary O'Reilly - Richard Topliss - Karen Bufton - Martin Axon - Holly Fletcher.

OHTA502- Thermal Environment
Dr Ross Di Corleto (lead).

OHTA503- Noise- Measurement and its Effects
Dr Thais Morata (co-lead, NIOSH) - Bernard Fontaine (co-lead) - Dougie Collin - Anish Ranpuria - Derek Miller - Benjamin Mueller - Jack Zybura - Maria Strickland (NIOSH) - Beno Groothoff - Jane Whitelaw.

OHTA504- Asbestos and Other Fibres
Jonathan Grant (lead) - Linda Apthorpe - Andreas Wagner - Dr Stephanie Carter - Chris Donne - John Robson - John Meates - John Corr - Gerald Shewring - Philip Hibbs - Jason Hodgkiss.

OHTA505- Control of Hazardous Substances (revision)
Adrian Hirst - David Bromwich - David Moore - Erica Joseph - Gary Gately - Geoff Wilcox - Jen Hines - John Dobbie - Mike Slater Phil Johns - Roger Alesbury - Steve Bailey - Terry Gorman - Jane Whitelaw.

OHTA506 –Ergonomics Essentials (revision)
Terry McDonald (lead) - Dr David Rogers - Dr Norbert Wagner - Robyn Coman - Alex Tse.

Silica Hazard Awareness new module (one day)
Nancy McClellan (lead, OHTA) - LCDR Catherine Beaucham (NIOSH) - LCDR Reed Grimes (NIOSH) - CDR Marna Hoard (NIOSH) - RADM (ret.) Dr. Margaret Kitt (NIOSH) - Dr Leslie Nickels (NIOSH) - Deborah Hoyer - Perry Gottesfeld (Occupational Knowledge International) - Terry McDonald - Dr. Kevin Hedges (WHWB International and Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers Inc.) - Marianne Levitsky (WHWB and ECOH Management Inc.) - Dr. Mary O'Reilly (WHWB and SUNY School of Public Health at Albany).

Health and Safety Awareness (new module)
Dr Zack Mansdorf (lead, OHTA) - Chris Laszcz-Davis (OHTA) - Marianne Levitsky (WHWB) - Debbie Dietrich (SKC) - Melissa Gould (LMA) - David Hiipakka (OHSS) - Dr Ross Di Corleto (OHTA) - Alan Leibowitz (OHTA).

Occupational/Industrial Hygiene in the Mining and Mineral Processing Industries (new module)
Dr Ross Di Corleto (lead) - Ian Firth - Tim White - Dr Brian Davies AM - Jane Whitelaw - Dr Thomas P Fuller.

Occupational/Industrial Hygiene in the Pharmaceutical Industry (new module)
Nancy McClellan (lead, AbbVie/OHM Consulting) - Angelie Kasman (Lilly) - Steve Bailey (GSK) - Dr Adrian Hirst (Hirst Consulting) - Maharshi Mehta (ISS Consulting) - Erica Joseph (GSK) - Charlyn Reihman (Safebridge) - Greg Erexson (AbbVie) - Lisa Cardo (GSK) - Donna Heidel (Bureau Veritas/Amazon) -Russell Collins (GSK) - Pam Davison – Len Morris (BOHS) - Lesley Burgess (AstraZeneca) - John Farris (Safebridge) - Bob Sussman (Safebridge) - Chun-Yip Hon (Ryerson University) - Jerald Ovesen (NIOSH) - Jill Kauker (Naval Health) - Amanda Scott (CHOP) - Amy Snow (GSK) - Jeff Dinyer (Thermofisher) - Stephen Nowakowski (Safebridge) - Barry Ballinger (HPA Consulting).

Occupational/Industrial Hygiene in the Oil & Gas Industry (new module)
Noel Tresider AM (lead) - Dr Raelene Young - Stephen Dean - Tracey Bence - Wayne Powys - Ben Pandher - Brett Young - Russell Bond - Norhazlina - Mydin - Marina Zainal Farid - Maria Strickland (NIOSH) - CDR Marna Hoard (NIOSH) - CDR Ryan Hill (NIOSH) - David Caruso (NIOSH).