A variety of course formats to accommodate different learning preferences and schedules are available:

Live: Conducted in-person at a specific location and time, these courses are delivered by OHTA Approved Training Providers. Fees for live courses are determined by the provider and are payable in the local currency.

Live Online: These sessions are streamed in real-time over the internet, allowing global participation. Students can enrol from anywhere in the world, provided the schedule and language suit their needs. Course fees, set by the Training Provider, are in the local currency.

Anytime Online: For those who prefer a self-directed learning pace, our anytime online courses are perfect. These are internet-based and accessible through OHTA partners, such as with Phylmar Academy and AIHA. Explore the Any Time Online courses.

Hybrid: Combining elements of both live and self-paced online learning, hybrid courses offer a flexible learning structure. Details are specified for each individual course.

Please note that some providers may integrate live and online formats to enhance the learning experience.


LanguageLocationCourse / TrainerStart Date
OHTA100147Monitor Consulting Services Pty LtdEnglishAustraliardicorleto@monitorcs.com.au2671OHTA1001 - Occupational Hygiene in the Mining and Mineral Processing Industries206212 Feb 2024Feb 2024
OHTA50557New Zealand Occupational Hygiene SocietyEnglishNew ZealandAuckland, New Zealandadmin@nzohs.org.nz27210OHTA505 - Control of Hazardous Substances286012 Feb 2024Feb 2024
OHTA50165Koolebale Industrial Hygiene Services Pty LtdEnglishSouth AfricaMocoseng Sundowner Lodge Mmabathotraining@koolebaleindustrialhygiene.co.za2612OHTA501 - Measurement of Hazardous Substances362012 Feb 2024Feb 2024
OHTA20155Global Occupational Hygiene Consultancy and Training ServicesEnglishTrinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobagoglobalohservices@gmail.com24010OHTA201 - Basic Principles in Occupational Hygiene248119 Feb 2024Feb 2024
OHTA50273Sustainable EHS LLPEnglishLive Onlinetraining@sustainableehs.com28809OHTA502 - Thermal Environment371419 Feb 2024Feb 2024
OHTA50162Malaysian Industrial Hygiene AssociationEnglishMalaysiaMalaysialiyana.miha@gmail.com26425OHTA501 - Measurement of Hazardous Substances337226 Feb 2024Feb 2024
OHTA50266Koolebale Industrial Hygiene Services Pty LtdEnglishSouth AfricaMmabathotraining@koolebaleindustrialhygiene.co.za261OHTA502 - Thermal Environment362126 Feb 2024Feb 2024
OHTA50664International Safety Systems IncEnglishLive OnlineRemoteprasanth.k@issehs.com2560OHTA506 - Ergonomics Essentials34134 Mar 2024Mar 2024
OHTA50171Nexam Pty LtdEnglishLive OnlineOnlinenaadiya@nexam.co.za2735OHTA501 - Measurement of Hazardous Substances36514 Mar 2024Mar 2024
OHTA50758New Zealand Occupational Hygiene SocietyEnglishNew ZealandChristchurch, New Zealandadmin@nzohs.org.nz27210OHTA507 - Health Effects of Hazardous Substances286118 Mar 2024Mar 2024
OHTA50367International Safety Systems IncEnglishLive OnlineRemotesinead.obrien@issehs.com256OHTA503 - Noise Measurement and its Effects36418 Apr 2024Apr 2024
OHTA20176IOH SolutionsEnglishLive OnlineOnline Trainingtraining@iohsolutions.com25710OHTA201 - Basic Principles in Occupational Hygiene379915 Apr 2024Apr 2024
OHTA50572International Safety Systems IncEnglishLive OnlineRemotesinead.obrien@issehs.com256OHTA505 - Control of Hazardous Substances364229 Apr 2024Apr 2024
OHTA50259New Zealand Occupational Hygiene SocietyEnglishNew ZealandAuckland, New Zealandadmin@nzohs.org.nz27210OHTA502 - Thermal Environment28626 May 2024May 2024
OHTA20175IOH SolutionsEnglishLive OnlineOnlinetraining@iohsolutions.com25710OHTA201 - Basic Principles in Occupational Hygiene380020 May 2024May 2024
OHTA50360New Zealand Occupational Hygiene SocietyEnglishNew ZealandChristchurch, New Zealandadmin@nzohs.org.nz27210OHTA503 - Noise Measurement and its Effects286327 May 2024May 2024
OHTA50778IOH SolutionsEnglishLive Onlineonlinetraining@iohsolutions.com25710OHTA507 - Health Effects of Hazardous Substances387624 Jun 2024Jun 2024
OHTA50168International Safety Systems IncEnglishLive Onlinesinead.obrien@issehs.com256OHTA501 - Measurement of Hazardous Substances36441 Jul 2024Jul 2024
OHTA50582IOH SolutionsEnglishLive OnlineOnlinetraining@iohsolutions.com25710OHTA505 - Control of Hazardous Substances388222 Jul 2024Jul 2024
OHTA50769International Safety Systems IncEnglishLive Onlinesinead.obrien@issehs.com256OHTA507 - Health Effects of Hazardous Substances36455 Aug 2024Aug 2024
OHTA50184IOH SolutionsEnglishLive OnlineOnline Trainingtraining@iohsolutions.com25710OHTA501 - Measurement of Hazardous Substances392026 Aug 2024Aug 2024
OHTA50270International Safety Systems IncEnglishLive Onlinesinead.obrien@issehs.com256OHTA502 - Thermal Environment36469 Sep 2024Sep 2024
OHTA50279IOH SolutionsEnglishLive Onlineonlinetraining@iohsolutions.com25710OHTA502 - Thermal Environment387730 Sep 2024Sep 2024
OHTA50380IOH SolutionsEnglishLive OnlineOnlinetraining@iohsolutions.com25710OHTA503 - Noise Measurement and its Effects387821 Oct 2024Oct 2024
OHTA50483IOH SolutionsEnglishLive OnlineOnlinetraining@iohsolutions.com25710OHTA504 - Asbestos and Other Fibres38834 Nov 2024Nov 2024
OHTA100163Monitor Consulting Services Pty LtdEnglishAustraliaPerth, Western Australiaadmin@monitorcs.com.au26715OHTA1001 - Occupational Hygiene in the Mining and Mineral Processing Industries340025 Nov 2024Nov 2024