Amazon Donation

The Occupational Hygiene Training Association ( is pleased to announce that Amazon has become an OHTA Sponsor. As such, Amazon is joining with OHTA to champion the cause of worker health and safety internationally. The Amazon sponsorship will have a particularly significant impact at this time as the funds will help support OHTA’s new series of course modules and companion examinations leading to the international certificate in occupational hygiene, ICertOHTA.

OHTA is a non-profit organization that provides peer-reviewed training modules on core aspects of occupational hygiene and safety. Training materials include student manuals, slide packs, case histories, quizzes, etc. and they are available for free download. OHTA operating funds come largely through donations.

OHTA is pleased to have Amazon as an OHTA Sponsor with a shared vision of healthy workers worldwide. Amazon’s corporate philanthropy will enable OHTA to continue our mission of improving worker health around the world one course at a time.