Debbie Dietrich Women in Industrial Hygiene Scholarship

We are delighted to announce a scholarship established by SKC Inc. – the Debbie Dietrich Women in Industrial Hygiene Scholarship, given in honor of our very own Debbie Dietrich’s illustrious career and ongoing dedication to the industrial hygiene field (even in retirement!).

This scholarship, funded by SKC Inc., will help empower a new generation of women to advance and lead in the industrial hygiene sector.

“Together with SKC, I am honored to be part of creating the next generation of industrial hygienists”, says Debbie. “I trust that the awardees will share the love and commitment that I have felt to this profession throughout my career and into retirement. I can’t wait to meet these strong, smart women who will be future leaders in industrial hygiene”.

Debbie is a committed and highly valued OHTA volunteer and a true advocate for the profession as a whole.

Find out more about the scholarship and how to apply here.