Promotion of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene Through Education

A new book edited by Thomas P. Fuller titled Improving Global Worker Health and Safety Through Collaborative Capacity Building Initiatives has recently been released and OHTA crafted a chapter on the Promotion of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene Through Education. OHTA is delighted to have contributed to this important book and we hope you find it useful.

You can purchase a copy of Improving Global Worker Health and Safety Through Collaborative Capacity Building Initiatives at the links below:

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Thank you to all who contributed to this chapter: Chris Laszcz-Davis, MS, CIH, COH, FAIHA, AIC Fellow, Roger Alesbury, MSc. DipOccHyg., Zack Mansdorf, PhD, CIH, CSP, Nancy McClellan, MPH, CIH, CHMM, and Noel Tresider, AM, FAIOH.


Many economically developing countries and nations without robust occupational hygiene (OH) educational programs endure a shortage of qualified occupational hygienists, resulting in higher rates of workplace injury, illness, and fatality. Damage to valuable infrastructure, environment, and public health also occurs without adequate support.

Improving Global Worker Health and Safety Through Collaborative Capacity Building Initiatives outlines a broad variety of capacity building projects in OH. It also introduces detailed experiences of occupational hygienists working abroad and working on special global topics including a discussion of how global trade agreements influence the practice and policy within OH. It describes the special needs of informal workers who do not have a “typical” employer and special challenges of creating university curricular guidelines for OH, building competency, and increasing capacity. This book also informs experienced professionals in international OH-capacity building initiatives and directions.


  • Presents the global impact and importance of occupational hygienists
  • Outlines knowledge and collaboration through networking
  • Provides case studies on real world situations and problems

This text will be useful for professionals and graduate students in the fields of occupational health and safety and public health.
(Taylor & Francis Group)