OHTA Announces Significant Updates to Training Modules and Exams

The Occupational Hygiene Training Association (OHTA) is pleased to announce that we will be releasing updated training modules on ohtatraining.org in January 2024. The new OHTA500 series modules replace the previous W500 series and include the latest updates in scientific and technical developments. In addition, OHTA will transition from BOHS to OHTA Examinations and Awards at the same time. The contact for examinations and all information on OHTA is team@ohtatraining.org

One of the key goals of OHTA since its formation in 2009 has been to provide an accessible and affordable pathway to qualifications in occupational hygiene. It is therefore critical that OHTA training modules provide students with high quality, up to date, peer reviewed training materials. Further, OHTA student manuals, slide packages, case studies, etc. are developed by subject matter experts from across the world with a focus on internationally accepted practice. As occupational hygiene practice continues to grow and evolve, so must the OHTA course materials AND the companion exams.

Some of the OHTA course materials dated back to the original work done in 2009 and required updating to reflect scientific developments and changes in professional practice. To that end, OHTA volunteers have spent a tremendous amount of time over the last few years reviewing and updating all seven of the OHTA500 series modules to reflect the latest scientific and technical developments. Like in the past, we aim to translate the updated OHTA courses into a variety of languages so accessibility across the world is granted. In fairness to students seeking qualifications, however, we cannot launch updated training modules without also offering updated companion examinations. Despite requests, BOHS has not updated the exams to match the updated new modules. As it pursues a strategy that includes a greater focus on UK regulations and practice, the needs of the BOHS examinations and that of OHTA are diverging. This is therefore a good time to make the change for the benefit of both organizations. OHTA has also taken the opportunity to transition its new exams from short answer to multiple-choice online format. These new exams reflect the up-to-date content of the OHTA500 materials and will be more straightforward for students, particularly those whose first language is not English. We wish BOHS every success with their program and their focus on the UK.

Additional notes on Qualifications

1. OHTA is supported by the International Occupational Hygiene Association, a global organization of over 42-member professional IH/OH organizations.

2. OHTA modules are accepted toward the IH/OH education requirement for professional accreditation, including the internationally recognized CIH awarded by the Board for Global EHS Credentialling.

3. Both the previous W series and the new updated OHTA series modules and exams are part of the OHTA International Training and Qualifications Framework leading to the award of the International Certificate.

4. As of January 2024, the name of the International Certificate will change from ICertOH to ICertOHTA. The application process itself, once 6 modules are completed successfully by students, will also be simplified in 2024 to reduce cost to candidates.

5. Students on the International Certificate pathway may use a mix of existing BOHS W500 awards and those from OHTA. Students should be reassured that OHTA will continue accepting BOHS W500 exam “passes” as meeting the requirements for ICertOHTA.

We are pleased to share with you this important evolution in the OHTA International Training and Qualifications Framework.