IOHA President presents OHTA mission to ICOH Conference

The 30th Congress of the International Commission on Occupational Health (ICOH) was held in Cancun Mexico, from 18-23 March 2012.

The Congress was a great success thanks to the attendance of 1745 participants and over 1000 scientific contributions. In addition to the varied and high qualified scientific programme, it was an important occasion to share experiences and acknowledge achievements in Occupational Health.

President of the International Occupational Hygiene Association, Noel Tresider, gave a presentation on the work that is being done by OHTA in Advancing Occupational Hygiene Worldwide with the support of IOHA. He described the need for occupational hygiene expertise in emerging economies and the gap between supply and demand, before going on to talk about how the modules from are helping to fill the gap.

The Cancun conference also announced a new charter on Occupational Health for All. It commits occupational health communities, associations, researchers, experts and practitioners to:

  • work with all our means for the realization of workers’ right to health and safe work and work environment and best available occupational health and occupational health services
  • provide our research and professional capacities and competence to advise and support international organizations, governments, employers and workers, communities and workplaces in their efforts for the improvement of occupational health and other conditions of work; prevent hazards and risks and to make an effective transfer of research to practice.

OHTA strongly supports the objectives of the charter which is available on the ICOH website.