OHTA Appoints New Board and Advisory Committee Members


OHTA has announced a number of appointments to its Board of Directors and its Advisory Committee. Each person brings a valuable set of skills, expertise and experience at a time when OHTA is engaging in many collaborative global initiatives.

OHTA’s Board of Directors (also Charity Trustees) manages the organisation and is responsible for strategic direction and policy. The Board appointments must be formally approved by OHTA’ s member associations at the Annual General Meeting on 23 September. The Advisory Committee, on the other hand, provides constructive challenge to the Board, as well as functioning in an important advisory and support role. Appointments to the Advisory Committee do not require formal approval by OHTA member associations.

The newly appointed OHTA Board members are the following:

Dr Thomas P Fuller, ScD, CIH, CSP, MSPH, MBA (US)

Dr Zack Mansdorf, CIH, CSP, QEP, FAIHA (US)

Mr Steven Verpaele, MSc (Belgium)

The existing OHTA Board comprises:

Mrs Nancy McClellan
Co-Chair, MPH, CIH, CHMM (US)

Ms Chris Laszcz-Davis
Co-Chair, MS, CIH, FAIHA, AIC Fellow (US)

Dr Ross Di Corleto
COH (Australia)

Mrs Sarah Leeson

Mr Alan Leibowitz

Ms Lynn O’Donnell

Mr David O’Malley

Mr Noel Tresider AM
COH, CIH 1984-2017 (Australia)

More information about the OHTA Board can be found here.

We wish to thank Mr Hans Thore Smedbold who has functioned as the IOHA representative to the OHTA Board for the last few years.

Mr Smedbold’s replacement will be designated by IOHA; in the interim, Dr Thomas Fuller fulfils that role.

Mr Roger Alesbury and Ms Roz Phillips continue to support the Board in their respective roles as Adviser to the Board and OHTA Development Manager.


The newly appointed OHTA Advisory Committee members are the following:

Mr Peter-John Jacobs, ROH (South Africa)

Mr Mark Katchen, CIH, FAIHA (US)

Dr Deborah Imel Nelson, CIH, FAIHA (US)

Mr Bert Schiller, CIH (US)

Mr Alex TSE Chun Kuen, CIH, RPH (Hong Kong)

Dr David M Zalk, CIH, MPH, FAIHA (US)

The existing OHTA Advisory Committee comprises:

Mr Michel Crépeau
Co-Chair, BSc, CIH, ROH, CHSC (Canada)

Ms Shamini Samuel
Co-Chair, PE, CIH, CSP, ROH (Canada)

Mr Sven Hoffmann
Program Manager, MAS Work+Health (Switzerland)

Ms Ruth Jimenez Saavedra
MSc, MBA, LFOH (Spain)

Mr Terry McDonald

Dr Jas Singh
CIH CEO, JAS International, LLC (US)

More information about the OHTA Advisory Committee can be found here.