BOHS Bursaries for Modules Scheme

The BOHS Bursaries for Modules [BfM] Scheme is aimed at encouraging those already working in the field of occupational health and safety to take their first steps towards a possible career in occupational hygiene.

The BfM Scheme offers bursaries to cover the cost of the first of any ‘core’ OHTA occupational hygiene module for students in the UK, including the training course as well as the examination. All bursary recipients will also receive free BOHS membership for the rest of the year, and mentoring from a BOHS member to encourage continuing engagement in the module system as a route into occupational hygiene.

The relevant core modules are listed below:

  • W507 Health effects of hazardous substances
  • W501 Measurement of hazardous substances
  • W505 Control of hazardous substances
  • W503 Noise and an introduction to vibration

There is no catch! BOHS is a registered charity, with a simple aim: to reduce work-related ill-health, and this bursary scheme is one of a number of initiatives designed to promote the practice and profession of occupational hygiene.

The BfM Scheme is open to anyone who is applying for one of the core module courses for the first time. The closing date for applications is 31 March 2012, for relevant courses running up to the end of 2012. All applications are considered together after the deadline date.