Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia – Honeywell Analytics Australia Award

The Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH) and its partners Thermo Fisher Scientific and Honeywell Analytics Australia have announced an exciting new award for Associate members of AIOH.

The award provides sponsorship for Associate members to attend suitable Australian training courses conducted by an Occupational Hygiene Training Association (OHTA) approved local training provider. The scholarship will cover the registration fee at one of the OHTA education modules plus an allowance towards travel & accommodation. It will be awarded to a number of applicants each year. Details of OHTA courses offered in Australia can be found on the OHTA website

The award allows Associates to develop their skills and advance along the learning pathway to a higher level of understanding with respect to the application of the principles of Occupational Hygiene.

To be eligible applicants must be an Associate member of the AIOH (or an applicant for Associate membership) and be a resident of Australia or nearby country (New Zealand, Papua New Guinea etc). The selection process will require applicants to submit a one page document indicating which course they wish to attend and highlighting how this course will help them develop their skills in Occupational Hygiene. The recipients of this award will be announced at the AIOH Conference Dinner with attendance at the approved course the following calendar year.

The Thermo Fisher Scientific / Honeywell Analytics Award agreement runs for three years and also provides funding to support the OHTA website,