OHTA announces completion of editorial review – W201 Basic Principles in Occupational Hygiene

OHTA is delighted to announce that it has completed the editorial review of its foundation module, W201 Basic Principles in Occupational Hygiene. This review is intended to update the teaching materials to reflect current technology and practice, as well as to ensure technical accuracy. The popular course provides a basic introduction to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of risks to health in the workplace.

The revised student manual and other course materials are now available in the Approved Materials section of the OHlearning website here.

From 22 December 2017 onwards, the examination will be based on these new materials.

Until that time, the examination will be based on the original materials, which can still be downloaded via the Community section of the OHlearning website here.

OHTA is very grateful to Kerrie Burton, Jen Hines, Brian Davies, John Dobbie and Terry McDonald for undertaking this review, as well as to all those who contributed helpful feedback.