Trainer Indorama Ventures PCL Start Date 13 May 2024
Location Thailand
Indorama Ventures Head Office
Language English
Contact Places 28

13 May – 17 May 2024

Course Overview

The course will provide participants with the foundation of the Basic Principles of Occupational Hygiene, supplementing their knowledge as general EHS professionals to better understand and manage occupational hygiene and worker health topics. The course will take place in-person.

Course Content

Course content includes sections on: the importance of occupational hygiene, human physiology, chemical hazards recognition, physical hazards recognition, hazards evaluation (including practical sections on measurement) and control. Participants will receive the OHTA201 slides and student manual. Equipment will be available for practical training.

Note: any references made to standards and best practice documents are provided solely as guidance for candidates and may not represent the most current updates or publications.