Welcome to OHTA's training courses! Our team has worked with experts from around the world to bring you in-depth courses on occupational health and hygiene. We hope you find them useful. The following instructions are for all of our courses.

Are you Registered?

The first step is to ensure that you are registered on our new system and your access rights is set to Approved Trainer. Register your online account at:


New training companies who want to become OHTA Approved Training Provider must apply using the website form - https://ohtatraining.org/trainers/apply

Once you completed the registration process, notify us at team@ohtatraining.org. We will update your account for Training Provider access. Your will then be able to download the Student Manual, Training Material and load up your training courses onto our website. The Student Manual and the Training Materials are free.

Managing Your Account

Details on how to download materials and update your record are in the instructional video below.


Advertise your course as per the video instructions in your account. Your courses will appear in the student section of the website: ohtatraining.org/students/courses

If your course is confirmed to go ahead, you will need to inform the OHTA Administrator. Please email us the course start date, exam date and time of exam, exam location (city and country) and the number of students who will be sitting the exam. Please provide these details at least a week before the start of the course.

The process:

  1. The OHTA Administrator will inform the OHTA Examiner, who will sets up the exam in the Moodle exam system (located at exams.ohtatraining.org)
  2. The OHTA Examiner notifies the OHTA Administrator that the exam has been loaded.
  3. The OHTA Administrator will generate an enrolment code. This code will be sent to you. You will need to provide it to your students. Please encourage them to enrol as soon as possible.
  4. Students create their accounts on the OHTA website at: ohtatraining.org/my-account
    Students can download their Student Manual and will be able to enter their enrolment code to register in our enrolment system (please see the student instructions: ohtatraining.org/help/enrol).
  5. The OHTA Administrator verifies enrolments against payments received. Paid enrolments get approved and your students will be uploaded into Moodle by the administrator.
  6. Students are automatically emailed instructions once they are enrolled into Moodle.
  7. Students complete their exams.
  8. The examiner finalises student results, and certificates are issued through Moodle.


For all enquiries please contact the OHTA Administrator, team@ohtatraining.org