Instructions for Students

Welcome to the OHTA training courses and the team at OHTA hope you find this a valuable learning experience about occupational health and hygiene issues and have fun. These instructions apply to all the OHTA courses.

Every course has an accompanying student manual which can be accessed on the OHTA website at:

  1. Students will need to create an account to download student manuals. The registration form is available at:
  2. During the registration process, you will receive an email inviting you to complete the registration process by setting your account password.
  3. Once you complete the registration process, you will be able to log in and download manuals free of charge. The location of the manuals for all OHTA courses are available at:
  4. The website uses a checkout process. Once you find the required manual, add it to your cart and follow the check-out process to access a link to download the PDF document.


The Exams

  • The OHTA team will send an enrolment code to your training provider and they will pass on the enrolment code to all students in your class.
  • Once your training provider sends you the code, return to our website and login to your account at:
  • When you access your account, on the Dashboard, you will see the field, Do you have an enrolment code? Enter your enrolment code here. You will be notified of a successful enrolment immediately.
  • For now, that’s all you need to do. Once we finalise the details with the training provider, you will receive an email to inform you that your enrolment has been processed. This could take up to a week to finalise.
  • Once we process your enrolment, you will be sent another email. This email will welcome you the the exam system and invite you to set up an account on the exam website. You will be provided with instructions along the way. If you already have an account on our exam system, the email will let you know your enrolment was successful and you can use your existing credentials to login. Our exam website is at
  • Please note: the OHTA main website and the OHTA exam website are separate systems. Any changes to your password on one system will not follow through to the other website.
  • When you access the exam website, first step is to set your timezone. THIS IS ESSENTIAL, as your exams have been set to be completed at a fixed time and date in your time zone. Your time zone settings are in your PROFILE > User Details > Edit Profile.
    Once you log in to the exam website, your direct link to access your profile is here:
  • When you login to the exam site, you will see the course you are currently enrolled in. Follow the link, and you will find two items: 1. A short mock exam, which will help you to familiarise yourself with the exam process; 2. You will also see your final exam which is set to be held on the last day of the course.
  • These exams are set to open and close at specific times, which are shown on the exam page. This is a good opportunity to check the time and date of your final exam to make sure that it matches what your training provider has told you. If this is not correct, check that you have set your time zone correctly.
  • The short exam is set for 30.
  • The final exam for OHTA201 is set for 1.5 hour and has 40 multi-choice questions (MCQ).
  • The final exam for OHTA500 series is set for 2 hours, and has 60.
  • If the internet falls out, the exam software will come back up on the question you were last working.


The Exams in Detail

  • Each question is worth 1 point and there are no negative points for wrong answer.
  • You are free to change your answer as often as you like. Only the final answer you select after submitting the completed exam will be considered for grading.
  • Select the answer that you think is the best answer of the 4 available options, as several may look correct.
  • All questions are randomised and the 4 options for answers are randomised so no two computer screens will look the same.
  • Make sure you click submit and go through to completion.



  • The exam results will be sent back to your training provider three days after the exam.
  • After our contact with your training provider, an email will be sent to students who passed their exam with a link to your OHTA Certificate of Completion. The certificate will also be available on the OHTA website in your account at:
  • Unsuccessful students who wish to resit the exams have 12 months to so so.
  • All students are encouraged to return the feedback form to the OHTA Administrator as we want to learn and improve our processes to give you the best offer in occupational hygiene training.


Need help? Please contact the OHTA Administrator,