Trainer Nexam Pty Ltd Start Date 05 Feb 2024
Location Live Online
Language English
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5 February – 15 February  2024

Course Overview

This course has been delivered by OHTA approved training providers for over 10 years and reviewed by international experts on two occasions to ensure the information is accurate and current. The latest update was 2023.

The course introduces students to the health hazards of substances that are used at work. It describes where hazardous substances are commonly used in industry and what their harmful effects can be. It also explains the underpinning principles of physiology, toxicology and epidemiology.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module the student should be able to:

  • Provide definitions of commonly used toxicological terms
  • Describe the main routes by which hazardous substances can enter the body, and the factors which influence their absorption, distribution, storage and elimination
  • Describe the main sources of information on hazardous substances and processes
  • Recognise hazardous substances in the workplace
  • Describe the main features of the principal target organs affected by hazardous substances at work, and the factors which influence the degree of harm
  • Describe the main routes of exposure for hazardous substances commonly encountered in the workplace
  • Describe the health effects of some common hazardous substances
  • Undertake basic interpretation of the results from epidemiological studies

Course Format

It should be recognised that the format presented in this manual represents the views of the editors and does not imply any mandatory process or format that must be rigidly observed. Presenters using this manual may well choose to alter the teaching sequence or course material to suit their requirements. .

The material provided in this manual has been aligned with the presentations for each topic so students can follow the discussion on each topic.

Course Content

Module 1 – Course Overview

Module 2 – Introduction to Toxicology

Module 3 – Types of Health Effects

Module 4 – Basic Human Biological and Target Organs

Module 5 – Basic Toxicokinetics

Module 6 – Dose Response Curves and Toxicity Testing

Module 7 – Epidemiology

Module 8 – Overview of Health Effects

Module 9 – Common Industrial Processes

Module 10 – Specific Industry Profiles

Module 11 – Regulatory Considerations

Module 12 – Biological Hazards

Note: any references made to standards and best practice documents are provided solely as guidance for candidates and may not represent the most current updates or publications.