Trainer International Safety Systems Inc Start Date 29 Apr 2024
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April 29th – May 4th 2024

OHTA505 – Control of Hazardous Substances

  • Describe how exposure to hazardous substances arises in the workplace.
  • Build on knowledge of the methodologies and technologies available to control exposures and reduce risks to health.

Learning Outcomes

  • Select control strategies and optimize control solutions for airborne contaminants.
  • Recognize the range of approaches to risk reduction embodied in the hierarchy of control and select appropriate strategies for implementation.
  • Describe the meaning of “adequate control” particularly for personal exposures; weigh design considerations in the workplace, process, and plant, as a means of reducing occupational exposures.
  • Describe the elements of a local exhaust ventilation system, recognize typical installations, know how to carry out the measurements to assess effectiveness and whether operating to the design specification.
  • Recognize the limitations of local exhaust hoods and enclosures and the means to optimize their effectiveness.
  • Further develop your knowledge of how personal protective equipment programmes may be used effectively.
  • Recognize the impact that control measures may have on other workplace hazards and understand how to take a holistic approach to the design of control solutions.

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Online / Remote

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Note: any references made to standards and best practice documents are provided solely as guidance for candidates and may not represent the most current updates or publications.